Welcome to Living Lerwick Ltd

Our Principal Aim - To work together to create a more vibrant, viable and sustainable town centre for Lerwick

Lerwick Town Centre is designated as a Business Improvement District (BID) from 1st September 2021 to 31st August 2026 following a successful renewal ballot in August 2021. Living Lerwick Ltd, a company directed by business owners/managers in the area, will manage the delivery of the projects devised to improve the area. Further details on the projects are within the Business Plan.

To visit us remotely, you can use the Town Centre Webcam to see a live feed of the town centre.

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The priorities identified by businesses are our objectives. These are:

  • To increase the footfall in the town centre through large and small events - More Footfall
  • To increase promotion of Lerwick town centre and particularly its businesses - More Marketing
  • To lobby local and national government for a workable solution to parking control so that our customers can access our premises easily - More informed decisions making on access
  • To provide more seating, an annual flower scheme and Christmas lights and work with others towards physical improvements, making Lerwick town centre a nicer place to be - More Attractive
  • To provide more business information, networking opportunities, advocacy on issues facing businesses and encourage inter-business working - More Business Support