A Business Improvement District (BID) is a proven business-led initiative, supported by legislation, where businesses work together and invest collectively in local improvements to their business environment.

For full details of BIDs in Scotland and elsewhere, please refer to the BID Scotland website.


Our BID is an opportunity for us all to be involved in improving the viability of our businesses and our trading environment. The basic process followed by Living Lerwick was to:

  1. Ask all businesses, their customers and staff what improvements they would like to see
  2. Develop a business plan based on the answers
  3. Hold a ballot to allow businesses to vote on the business plan and agree to contribute to making it work.
  4. Form Living Lerwick Ltd, which is responsible for ensuring that the projects voted on are implemented.
  5. Living Lerwick Ltd is also responsible for using the private investment the businesses make to attract additional funding to provide even greater investment into Lerwick town centre.