We want to make it as quick and easy as possible for everyone to get into Lerwick town centre.

  • Short stay parking spaces are available along Commercial Street, Irvine Place and the Esplanade; to make it even easier to get those essential things!
  • Disabled spaces are also available as shown on the PDF file; however drivers who are displaying a disabled persons badge can park anywhere that is safe to do so.
Parking Table
Parking Map

Take a look at our poster to see how many parking spaces there are in and around our town centre.Click here for more information


The shopping area of Lerwick town centre is on a small narrow stretch of road. It is important that this zone is kept safe for pedestrians and shoppers, as that is the main purpose of the street. The rules on access are:

  • Commercial Street, from the Market Cross to Commercial Road (Fort Chip Shop), and Irvine Place is a “No Traffic” zone between 11:30am and 5:30pm.
  • Drivers displaying a disabled person’s badge can enter the street between these times.


Commecial Street and the surrounding area is a beautiful waterfront setting on one side, and boasts the picturesque and quirky lanes to the other. Each lane is unique, with it's own story to tell. There are a series of walking trails to follow in our free walking trails guide, or explore on your own. Please take care on steps in wet weather as flagstones can become slippery.

Remote Access

Visit our town centre from wherever you are in the whole world! The Town Centre Webcam shows live views of our Market Cross in the town centre.