A few weeks ago, I went along to see the newest business on the Street!

Jigar has been open for about 4 months now and he has been busy bringing a little bit of spice to the Town!

Originally from Bombay (now called Mumbai), Jigar moved to Shetland 3 years ago with his wife.

He first came to the UK to study and has 2 degrees in aeronautical and maintenance engineering.

Jigar’s dream was to open his own Café after working for a large Indian restaurant in London, where he was a Sous Chef.

When he first moved to Shetland he worked at the Bank of Scotland, he still works here a few days a week.

You get a lovely warm welcome from Jigar and his staff at Coffee Culture and there is a whole range of delicious items on offer, some with a very interesting Bombay Twist!

There is a huge range of teas available, over 15 in fact!

Jigar is very passionate about serving only the best coffee. So, if you are a coffee enthusiast make sure you pop by and taste it for yourself!

Coffee Culture was the first place on the street to offer HOPT. The HOPT App allows customers to order online and collect when they want, which is great if you are in a rush or just don’t want to waste your dinner hour queuing. They will also soon be offering home delivery for £1!!

Download the HOPT App here

From smoothies to soup and toasties to twisted tatties, there is something for everyone at Coffee Culture.

Jigar was so enthusiastic about a new menu that he is planning. He is using his cultural influences to bring something so different to Lerwick. One dish that caught my attention was mash potato with special Indian spices wrapped in a roti- it is called a Frankie. I can’t wait to try it!

He is planning over 30 new items to his menu so keep a look out for some fabulous dishes coming soon.

Jigar is very keen on offering his customers their orders in environmentally friendly containers. He is currently using Bamboo cups for tea and coffee and all their packaging is recyclable and compostable. He hopes to be able to start serving some dishes on Banana leaves. Of course, this is not anything new in Indian culture, they have been using banana leaves for thousands of years as plates.

In the summer Jigar hopes to have some seating outside for customer to enjoy the view of the harbour and some fresh Shetland Air.

In the future Jigar hopes to open lots of Coffee Cultures all over the UK, but you experienced Coffee Culture here in Lerwick first!

To find out more about what Coffee Culture has on offer click here or visit their Facebook page

Coffee Culture

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Phone: 01595 694376

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