Ana arrived in Shetland from Slovenia in 2019. She came with a desire to start her own business and create a new life in a different country. Ana is the owner of Refan Perfume Boutique, which has been operating for the last two years. Ana has always worked independently and likes to be in control of all aspects of running a business. She enjoys being her own boss and being able to make all the decisions.

For almost 25 years, Refan has been manufacturing high quality perfumes in bulk, offering economically efficient and environmentally friendly products. You can buy perfumes for different occasions, in different volumes and with refillable glass bottles which are great quality at competitive prices. Refan's creations use ancient traditions in their production, the base ingredients that are used is rose oil and rose water. Refan's cosmetics have a great diversity of fragrances, cosmetics, handmade glycerine soaps, aromatherapy bath products, oils, and fruit exfoliants.

Ana's favourite thing about running her own business is that she has influence over the entire operation, can be flexible, and loves to meet new people, especially visitors to Shetland.

Since Ana started Refan, her offering has broadened. She began with just perfume, but now she offers a wide range of other products such as natural soaps, deodorants, shower gel, hair perfume, candles, and most recently, gift boxes that customers can mix and match products. Other changes that have happened in Ana's business is the addition of a new staff member. Lee joined Ana in 2021 and has brought a wealth of knowledge to the business and is a great asset.

Ana enjoys having a shop on the street because it's an attractive town to work in, has the highest footfall in Shetland, and is where most tourists visit.

Ana is committed to providing her customers with affordable scents and excellent customer service. If you are looking for low-priced perfume and great customer service, pop into Refan and say hi. You will be sure to find a scent that you adore.

In addition to running her own business, Ana is also passionate about helping others look and feel their best. Ana is a Face Yoga practitioner, Face Yoga is a natural way to improve the appearance of the face and neck by using exercises that stimulate circulation, relaxation, and muscle tone.

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You can also find out more info on the website and order online if you can not make in person.

Visit Ana at:

141 Commercial Street


or call 07780 588696

Opening times:

Mon-Fri 10am-4pm

Sat 10am-5pm


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