In the midst of Shetland's bustling year—teeming with tourists and the grandeur of the Tall Ships event—Amy and Chris embarked on an exhilarating new chapter. April 2023 marked the moment they took the reins of the Peerie Shop Cafe, a new adventure amidst a whirlwind of excitement and opportunity.

Prior to arriving in Shetland, Amy and Chris journeyed across the country, accumulating experiences in various hotels and restaurants. Ten years ago, they planted their roots in Shetland and found their home. However, health challenges nudged Amy away from her full-time job, allowing her to delve deeper into her culinary creativity. Out of this, Fjanna emerged—a small-scale bakery that supplied delicious baked goods to local shops like Scoop, even featuring an honesty box at Amy's house for the community to enjoy her creations.

Amidst her baking ventures, Amy dedicated her time to assisting at the Peerie Shop Cafe. James Martin had long overseen the cafe until his retirement, paving the way for Amy to take the helm in April 2023. With Chris by her side, they infused the cafe with their passion and vision, overhauling the menu to champion local produce.

Amy's foresight extended beyond the seasons. Her knack and knowledge for preserving local produce ensured a year-round supply, circumventing the scarcity of fresh fruits during Shetland's winter months. Jams, syrups, vinegar, oils, and chutneys became Amy's artistic expressions, enriching baked goods, soups, and pesto’s without relying on ingredients shipped from distant shores.

Her dedication to local producers echoed a commitment to sustainability: "Supporting our local producers ensures that even if the boat doesn't arrive for a few days, we can rely on local sources for our necessities."

Simplicity became their ally in avoiding unnecessary food waste while keeping the menu flavourful. Amidst the influx of tourists, Amy finds joy in meeting new faces, a passion that has only intensified with the record number of visitors flocking to Shetland.

And here's a little unknown fact about Amy—her journey includes a stint at the famous Ritz in London, a testament to her diverse culinary experiences.

Peerie Shop Cafe, transformed by Amy and Chris's dedication, isn't just a cafe; it's a celebration of local flavours, sustainability, and an affectionate homage to Shetland's lively community spirit, boasting a diverse menu that showcases an abundance of delightful sweet and savoury offerings.

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