The company won the retail business of the year category at the Scottish SME Business Awards 2018 in Glasgow. The event acknowledged and celebrated the achievements, determination and hard work of professionals and businesses from the SME industry in Scotland.

As a former Army Chef, Dave Williams has experienced all kinds of different cuisine. He has tried to include these culinary experiences in his own produce, but local provenance is what he is passionate about.

In 2015 at the local annual Food Fair, Dave Williams created a Seaweed Chocolate to accompany the Local Shetland Reel Gin using Shetland Seaweed as its Botanical. It was an instant hit and so from this simple beginning and with a passion for wanting to produce a bespoke, high quality product, the seed was planted and the plan began to form to be one of the UK's most Northerly Chocolatiers.

Taking the name 'Mirrie Dancers' from the local term for The Northern Lights, Dave took inspiration from the natural beauty of the islands, its skies and plentitude of local produce and began to create more ideas and in early 2016 Shetland's own bespoke Chocolatier company was born.

His first shop was based at Burns Lane, but Mirrie Dancer has since moved to a more suitable shop at Market Cross.

In the shop at Market Cross you can also view where the chocolate is made and the work that goes into creating these chocolate jewels. Keep your eyes peeled for any up and coming events including Mirrie Dancers chocolate tasting event.

Dave has a superb team here in Shetland and at his other store in Orkney. Without the support and hard work the team put in, Dave says the business wouldn’t be where it is now.

With Mother’s Day and Easter approaching soon, Mirrie Dancers will experience their busiest time of the year. Everyone’s favourite Honey Comb Easter egg will be making a return and Mirrie Dancers staff have been hatching another star of the show that will need to be named, so keep an eye out for an up and coming competition.

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If you are visiting Lerwick, be sure to check out Mirrie Dancers shop:

103 Commercial Street

The Market Cross

ZE1 0BD.

01595 690592

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