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Nordsterna Shetland Crystal Boutique offers unique limited collections of hand-cut finest quality home crystalware, designed and available exclusively in Shetland.

Nordsterna crystalware is traditionally mouth-blown and hand-cut massive finest quality 24% lead crystal. All collections are unique, limited and of Ian's own design, celebrating local and Scottish heritage and employing also traditional elements to honour centuries of Austrian Imperial fine crystal cutting tradition.

The products are not kept behind glass; they are for customers to handle, discuss and enjoy. A warm welcome is extended to all who would like to browse or just learn more about the art of crystal.

Refan Perfumes

For almost 25 years Refan has been manufacturing high quality perfumes in bulk, offering an economically efficient, environmentally friendly and an intelligent way for their sales. You can buy perfumes for different occasions, in different volumes and with refillable glass bottles which are great quality at competitive prices. Refan's creations use ancient traditions in their production, the base ingredients that are used is rose oil and rose water. Refan's cosmetics have a great diversity of fragrances, cosmetics, handmade glycerine soaps, aromatherapy bath products, oils, and fruit exfoliants.

Refan is a socially responsible company supporting number of sports, social, cultural and health initiatives. The company has developed and applies a system for quality control in accordance with the requirements of the following quality standards: ISO9001:2008, ISO 14001:2005 and BS OHSAS 18001: 2007. We have also EN ISO 22716:2007 - GMP Certificate for Good Manufacturing. We are proud and happy to bring these great products here in Shetland.”

Nordsterna Shetland Crystal Boutique & Refan perfumes

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