In 1986 Ken Beer began writing cost control software for BP Sullom Voe. The oil terminal was one of Europe’s largest, based in Shetland, a remote island half way between Scotland and Norway.

The software was so successful that BP deployed it on multi-million dollar projects across the globe. Their cost of ownership dropped because it ran on IBM PCs, rather than the common mainframes of the day.

In 1992, Ken met three friends near Kildrummy Castle in the Scottish Highlands, to found a company that would take cutting edge cost control solutions to some of the world’s largest oil and gas projects. That night, Kildrummy® was born.

We soon opened offices in Houston, Texas, to service all the oil majors, independents and JVs who were rolling out Kildrummy® software.

Twenty-six years later, Kildrummy is still building flexible systems that fit our customers’ policies and practices, because we believe in exceptional projects and exceptional service. That’s why our customers trust our software to manage trillions of dollars in project cost world-wide.

The Kildrummy Corporation

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