Locus [noun]: the place where something happens or the central area of interest in something being discussed. (Cambridge Dictionary)

A new public art trail in Lerwick town centre, funded though the Scottish Government’s Town Centre Fund, will consist of four newly commissioned sculptures (LOCUS1), two painted murals (LOCUS2) and an accompanying art trail map and guide, bringing a new and dynamic perspective to the town.

Living Lerwick secured the funding in 2019 and commissioned local agency, Shetland Arts who in turn commissioned works from leading contemporary artists and designers.

Enhancing the town centre through public art – in line with Living Lerwick’s Business Plan for 2017-2021 – LOCUS aims to inspire imagination and bring new footfall to the area through adventurous installations in the landscape. Four sites will host four new pieces of sculpture from three established artists and one collective, who all share similar values in delivering public art to complement the townscape.

The map and guide is being created by artist/designer Chloe Keppie, to accompany the trail.

Originally from Gulberwick, Chloe is a graphic designer completing her final year of Communication Design at the Glasgow School of Art. Her work blends traditional media and textures within a digital realm to create eye catching and accessible designs.

For LOCUS Chloe was commissioned to produce the trail map and guide, which will be available as a fold-out paper map and digital download and we hope to be able to create an audioguide too. This will be uploaded here in due course.

The LOCUS concept focusses on three key themes:

Where we are / Where we’re going / Where we’ve come from

The project installation has been delayed due to Covid but is scheduled to be installed and completed this summer.