Living Lerwick is delighted to announce The Havly Café as winner of the World’s Best Tattie Soup competition held during the Up Helly Aa festivities. Nine establishments in the Business Improvement District entered the competition, which was judged by the public. People paid £5 to sample soup from each of the different establishments, and rated them on a score of one to five.

The winning soup was made by Carol Tilston to a traditional recipe and she puts her success down to using good quality reestit mutton and using local ingredients. The Havly Café scored an average 4.18 out of 5 in the voting slips returned by people who tasted the soup.

Mike Sutherland’s voting slip was picked at random to win the £100 cash prize. Mike, who was visiting from Dingwall said the standard of tattie soup available was very good, and that the competition had made his family and friends seek out places they’d have otherwise missed.

Christena Irvine, Manager of Living Lerwick said that she was “delighted by the friendly nature of the competition between the various food outlets” and went on to say that this is event will be held annually and she hopes to run a similar competition in the summer.

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