During Shopping Week, Living Lerwick Ltd ran a ‘Bairn’s photo hunt’ competition. Seventeen photos from inside businesses were picked at random and entrants were to identify the business from the photo.

Living Lerwick Director, Ben Mullay said: “The bairns really seem to enjoy the competitions we put on and this one was quite challenging. All of the entrants must have put a fair bit of time into it as they all got it right. Businesses really got behind it and the combined prize is quite substantial both for the winner and the parents. All of the entry forms we received were put into a hat and I picked the winners. They were Calder and Layla Evans.”

Calder and Layla won prizes donated by: A.L Laing, Specsavers, Outdoor Trek, Shetland Times Bookshop, Love From Shetland, J G Rae, LHD Marine Supplies, The Grand Hotel, The Queens Hotel, Loose Ends, Visit Scotland and the Camera Centre.

Calder and Layla’s mum, Kayleigh, said: “As we were in Shetland for the first time enjoying our Summer holidays we took part in the photo guessing competition along the street .The children had fun going into all the local shops and looking for clues to identify the local businesses .It was quite an excellent challenge for them .We were absolutely delighted to hear our kids had won the competition. Both Layla and Calder loved their prizes and they can't wait to come back."

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