Alister began working at R W Bayes photography and framing shop in 1979, and bought the shop, at 143 Commercial Street, on 1st June 1981.

After taking a week's holiday, Alister returned to work with new apprentice, Neil Anderson, joining him. The two have abeen a constant and familiar sight behind the counter of the shop ever since. The shop is one of the last to retain a traditional counter only service and reamins busy, despite recent challenges facing the retail sector.

Alister says there have been many changes over the years - both in people and photography techniques and technology. He is very pleased to haver reached the 40 year milestone with Neil at his side.

Wtih social distancing remaining in place, Alister has not been in the shop much the past year, though Neil continues to work his way through the framing of pictures of all shapes and sizes. There are some days he claims there is little space to move behind the counter due to the quantiy of frames being made!

Alister was presented with a card today, showing the image of the shop front recenlty created by Helen Laurenson of Variorum. It was signed with best wishes from many of his fellow shop keepers along da Street.

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