Living Lerwick held competitions for the best sandcastles and pavement art during its Shopping Week, which ran from Saturday 11th to Friday 17th July.

Local illustrator and designer, Monica Pothecary, did a great job encouraging passers by to have a go and running the pavement art competition. She chose the winners James (9) and Amber Hogg (5) from Orkney and Adalberta Eichner (7) from Germany. The winners can now use their artistic talents with the £25 gift voucher they received from Aa Fired Up.

The sandcastle competition was held at Bains Beach. On the sunnier days, Bains Beach was a hive of activity with plenty of bairns building sandcastles, visitors on inflatable canoes and even a visit from the museum yoal complete with live music. Caroline Henderson from Peerie Foxes judged the sandcastle competition and chose the two sandcastles built by Sam Smith (10) of Maywick and James (9) and Amber Hogg (5) from Orkney. They have each received £25 gift vouchers from Harry’s.

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