The project management team and directors of the Lerwick BID would like to thank all those members who voted positively in the recent ballot to determine whether the BID should go to a second stage and who have shown confidence in the ability of the BID model to continue improving what is on offer in the town centre by encouraging businesses to work together.

We would also like to reach out to those businesses who have not been convinced that the BID is suitable for them and appeal for them to work with us for the greater good of all. There are such a variety of businesses within the BID area and we need each sector to be represented, so why not come forward, be part of our board of directors & help ensure that all sectors have a voice?

Now that we have been mandated to continue we will start working immediately to ensure that the vision laid out in the business plan comes to fruition & that Lerwick continues to improve as a thriving centre of trade & a town centre that Shetlanders are proud of.

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