Sophie Manson, Nicole Coutts and Shona Anderson from Ninian accept the sheild for Best Christmas Window 2019.

There are winners galore in Lerwick town centre today, as the top Christmas window is announced and the Elf trail comes to an end.

Ninian have retained the title of best Christmas window with a wonderful effort from the staff. They were presented with the shield and certificate on Monday afternoon. Over 300 people voted in the online poll which saw a close battle with first place changing hands several times through the month.

The eventual winners, Ninian, received 60 votes with new contenders, Peerie Isles coming a close second with 51 votes and an even closer third was Westside Pine with 50 votes.

A random winner was chosen from all the voters, and Liz Hunter from South Whiteness receives a gift token to spend in Ninian.

The Elf trail ran through December and almost 100 people took part. The winning entry, again picked at random, was Frankie Tait from Lerwick. A gift token for Aa Fired Up is on it’s way to Frankie.

Commercial Street was busy with shoppers on Monday, enjoying the mild weather and festive atmosphere. Living Lerwick would like to extend a thank you to everyone who took part in the Christmas competitions and shopped locally this Christmas. Every local sale makes a difference to our community and economy.

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