Living Lerwick has designed the street market project to deliver the top two things businesses and customers said they wanted in the Living Lerwick surveys. These were a wider variety of products available and more shops. The street market will create a buzz around the town centre, introduce something new for customers to visit and create lots of new business opportunities.

BID Manager, Christena Irvine said: “We would love to see loads of new and different ideas on the street market and are looking in particular for people who would like to sell quirky things, vintage things, up-cycled things, local food and local crafts. If the product or service quality is high and it’s a bit different in some way, it could be what we are looking for.

We could create markets for specific categories of goods if we have a lot of interest from potential traders. There could be scope for a: collectors fair, vintage market, farmers market, etc. It all depends on who comes back to us really, but we’d like to keep it flexible at this stage, so that we can make it as interesting as possible for customers.”

The market stalls will provide an excellent opportunity for people to test out new business ideaswithout making any long-term commitments. In the longer term, it is hoped that those who find success will be interested in taking on vacant premises in the area.

The day-to-day management of the street markets will also create a business opportunity for someone. Living Lerwick Ltd is looking to find someone to take on their street market management contract.

Living Lerwick would love to hear from anyone who is interested in selling from a market stall or taking on the management contract.

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